Forklift Drivers

How do I Use Pallet Forks to Remove Small Trees?

Forklift operators will let you know this is not a challenging assignment. Depending on if you have access to a forklift or a Bobcat with a puller connection or pallet forks, removing minor trees might be a comparatively quick and simple process. When you understand how to operate the basic pallet fork on a fork lift, you then have the ability to utilize the aforementioned forks, to slip under the more level appendages of minor tress and essentially lift them out of the ground, with small mess and complication.


  1. Turn the begin-up nexus on your forklift or Bobcat. Press the forward lever, while prodding the gas to drive your vehicle to the tree you wish to remove. Know your vehicle early; distinctive fork lifts and Bobcats have somewhat distinctive operation groupings and levers. Experience and practice are fundamental.
  2. Position your forklift under the tree so the pallet forks are simply under the more level limbs. Check the pallet fork position and once fulfilled with position, press your lift lever forward. Lift as you watch precisely while pulling tree, roots and soil upward.
  3. Move deliberately with the tree circulating everywhere as you stroll the forklift in the heading you wish to take the tree.

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