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How to Charge an Electric Lift Truck Battery

An electric lift truck might be exceptionally advantageous on a mixture of job destinations. An electric lift will assist make complex jobs straightforward. One issue with the electric lift is the battery. Electric lift batteries are hefty streamlined batteries that are normally around 36 volts. It not just takes longer to charge the aforementioned batteries, however you moreover need to permit chance to give them a chance to chill off.


  1. Turn off the electric lift truck. Remove the nexus from the ignition.
  2. Connect the mechanical battery charger to the correct outlet. Some mechanical battery chargers need a 220-volt outlet.
  3. Unite dark cable from the modern battery charger to the negative post on the electric lift battery. Unite red cable from the modern battery charger to the positive post on the electric lift battery.
  4. Turn on the streamlined battery charger. Permit it to charge the battery for 8 hours.
  5. Turn off the streamlined battery charger after 8 hours of charging. Remove the streamlined battery charger braces from the battery posts. Permit the battery to cool for an additional 8 hours before you utilize the electric lift.

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