Forklift Drivers

Storage Requirements for Forklift Propane Tanks

Your forklift’s propane tank furnishes fuel to the forklift’s engine and also its drivetrain. The tanks are refillable, reasonable and effectively swappable right around forklifts. The fuel inside propane tanks is under force and remarkably combustible. Any time the propane tanks are not in utilization, accompany particular space necessities to keep the tanks from rusting or coming to be wet and the fuel inside the tanks from blasting.


Store your forklift propane tanks in an overall-ventilated range outside, far from combustible and burnable materials and in addition far from activity, incorporating forklifts and other mechanized vehicles. Don’t store the tanks in a house, carport or other indoor location.


Store the tanks upright on an even solid or other robust surface far from water. Don’t store the propane tanks on their sides, a verdant surface or any zone where mud, earth and different substances can soil the tanks.

Alleviation Valve

By putting a propane tank upright, you keep the tank’s help valve in a range where it can appropriate air and any fuel in the tank can escape into the plain space above the tank. Propane tanks give off modest sums of vapor, so by being upright, the vapors will escape as a substitute for the fluid propane getting away from the tanks.

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